Quality Rehabilitation To Restore Your Independence

Caring for the families of Hendrick’s County and surrounding areas, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping Hoosiers stay physically strong, spiritually resilient, and mentally healthy. That’s why we’ve been the leading rehabilitation, nursing, and memory care experts for almost 30 years now. At Plainfield Health Care Center, healing starts with the first step forward.

Living Options

At Plainfield Health Care Center, we don’t believe that proper care can be delivered with a generic, one-size-fits-all formula. From your first consultation forward, our experienced team will take the time to get to know you, discover your preferences and understand your concerns to create a personalized Care Plan just for you and your individual needs. So whether you’re expecting a quick recovery or looking for a new place to call home, you can trust that your journey with us will be entirely and uniquely yours.

To accommodate a wide variety of needs, we currently offer three different Living Options including Rehabilitation, Short-Term or Long-Term Nursing Care, and Memory Care. Within the Living Option selected, we’ll continue to tailor and customize every facet of your personalized Care Plan by adapting to your needs as they change and helping you reach one goal at a time.

Rapid Recovery Plan


As one of the most advanced rehabilitation communities in Hendrick’s County, our Stepping Forward recovery program is designed to facilitate patient independence throughout the entire rehabilitation process, restore confidence, and ultimately have you safely back at home sooner than you expect. With strong and effective therapy programs, we’ll help you step forward one foot at a time.


With the clinical experience and expertise to treat a wide variety of diagnoses and symptoms, our professional nursing staff delivers 24/7 quality care for patients suffering with chronic pain, Diabetes, COPD, heart disease, and many other diseases and medical conditions.


Taking a holistic approach to health and wellness, our team of psychiatrists and neurologists rely on fresh and innovative therapeutic exercises and treatments to help improve overall cognition, increase patient capacity for memory retrieval, and reduce negative emotions such as anxiety and agitation.

Nursing and Healthcare Services

Room Options


Each of our 22 relaxing and comfortable private rehabilitation suites are fitted with a half-bath complete with an emergency call unit for safety and as-needed assistance, a bed and convenient medical facilities, a flat-screen television, personal nightstand, full dresser, a large comfy chair, and a small kitchenette table with two chairs to enjoy meals in private or with a friend.

  • Plainfield Health Care-Semi-Private


Our semi-private suites are shared by two long-term residents who will complement each other as roommates and share similar needs, concerns, and preferences. Each room comes with two beds, two dressers, a half-bathroom, flat-screen television, a nightstand for each roommate, and is spacious enough to accommodate a few extra personal items.

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