Quality Rehabilitation To Restore Your Independence

Caring for the families of Hendrick’s County and surrounding areas, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping Hoosiers stay physically strong, spiritually resilient, and mentally healthy. That’s why we’ve been the leading rehabilitation, nursing, and memory care experts for almost 30 years now. At Plainfield Health Care Center, healing starts with the first step forward.


At Plainfield Health Care Center, we are the rehabilitation experts. Our facility was designed and recently remodeled to maximize patient independence for residents in our Stepping Forward program. In addition to some of the most advanced physical therapy equipment and our state-of-the-art rehab gym, our facility now boasts a total of 22 private rehabilitation suites.

We help achieve full and lasting recoveries because our team is committed to giving each resident the undivided attention they deserve. The process begins with a thorough examination in which our rehabilitation specialists will evaluate your physical strengths and capabilities, pinpoint areas of difficulty and concern, and take the time to learn which obstacles, for you, are most meaningful to overcome. To achieve real goals in real time, our team of expert therapists will then devise a personalized Stepping Forward program just for you.


Physical Therapy

Based upon your custom Stepping Forward program, your physical therapist will help you regain your confidence and boost your motivation. With every exciting step you take, you’ll feel a little more like yourself each and every day. By strengthening your muscles, alleviating lower-back pain and stiffness, maximizing your flexibility, and expanding your overall range of motion, let’s step forward together towards a strong recovery.

Occupational Therapy

For individuals recovering from a stroke, serious injury, or living with a developmental disability such as Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis, once simple, everyday tasks can become painful sources of frustration. Specializing in strategies proven to effectively compensate for abilities lost or difficult to recover, your occupational therapist will work one-on-one with you towards new techniques for cooking, cleaning, bathing and dressing — and most importantly, moving more freely with less discomfort.


Speech Therapy

One of the most-commonly shared side effects amongst patients recovering from a neurological disorder or stroke is the loss in ability to communicate. With a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, our speech-language pathologists use only the most advanced current treatment methods and strategies. Whether your loved one has difficulty swallowing, struggles to control his or her voice, is experiencing Aphasia, Dysphagia or a decline in overall cognition, we’re here to make a difference.

Rehabilitation Features

Room Options


Each of our 22 relaxing and comfortable private rehabilitation suites are fitted with a half-bath complete with an emergency call unit for safety and as-needed assistance, a bed and convenient medical facilities, a flat-screen television, personal nightstand, full dresser, seating, and a small kitchenette table with two chairs to enjoy meals in private or with a friend.