What insurances do you take?

Plainfield accepts a wide variety of insurances and insurance plans. Contact our experts to learn more about your plan. For a complete list visit the Financial Options page.

Does Plainfield have their own transportation?

We do have our own transportation to take our residents to and from medical appointments. We can also assist in driving our residents back home after their stay with us.

What if residents have appointments outside the facility?

We manage all residents appointments and arrange all transportation.

How often is the facility physician there?

Dr. Pike is our medical director and has over 30 years of experience with caring for seniors in our community.  Dr. Pike is at PHCC every week.


Is smoking allowed?

For the health and safety of our staff and residents, we are a non-smoking facility.

Are pets allowed?

Yes! We love to see our furry friends come in to visit, just make sure we have a copy of your pets immunization record!

What should the Family member bring with them?

You can bring loose fitting comfortable clothes, no slip shoes and toiletries that you may want to use.  Please feel free to bring family pictures or anything for your room that will make you comfortable!

What happens after I decide to come to Plainfield?

We will work directly with the hospital or other agencies to gather all of the information we need to make it a smooth transition.  Our dedicated admissions team will communicate the process with you from beginning to end!

What kind of assistance will they get?

Our highly trained nursing staff can help with a variety of things!  We can administer medications as well as many other medical treatments.  We can help you with bathing, dressing, nutritional needs and so much more!

When are visiting hours?

Visitors are welcome in our community all the time.  There are no set visiting hours!

How long does Rehab take?

It depends on how the patient progresses, but our average length of stay is around 20 days.

How many times a week do residents receive rehab?

We provide therapy 7 days/week.  Most patients receive therapy 5 to 6 days per week, depending on physician orders.