Whether our residents are here for a short, temporary stay or have nestled in to make our facility their new home, we proudly provide all of our residents a happy and comfortable environment in which to heal and friendly faces to help along the way.

As an important component of our holistic approach to healthcare and wellness, we encourage residents to develop real, rewarding relationships with each other and with our staff. It’s not an unusual sight here to see staff members and residents playing games together, singing Karaoke, or simply casually chatting away at dinner.

To list a few of our regular activities, Plainfield Healthcare offers a variety of board games, card playing, Bingo, trivia contests and exercise classes. Our kitchen staff loves to have fun with our residents too, and regularly hosts activities like our monthly ice cream social. And because we know how important it is for residents to stay close and connected with their families, we frequently sponsor dinner banquets and other events to reunite loved ones. Click a box below to see our monthly calendars.

  • Religious Studies & Worship – Bible study and church services including music and worship
  • Gardening – Digging in the dirt has many amazing benefits, gardening has been shown to improve relaxation and calmness
  • Board Games – Collection of board games available for everyone’s enjoyment to play in small groups
  • Exercise & Sports – Physically-active soft sports for exercise fun, safe and healthy movement, and improving range of motion
  • Karaoke Night – Fun for both staff and residents, group singing, and contests
  • Manicures & Pedicures – Professional salon manicures and pedicures with friends or individual relaxation
  • Music & Concerts – Musicians, bands, and artist performances from the outside community for resident entertainment
  • Arts & Crafts – Crafting has many cognitive and health benefits i.e. knitting, sewing, coloring, ceramics, jewelry, painting

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