Searching for an Advocate? What You Need to Know About a Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Did you know that under the Older Americans Act (OAA) each state is required to have a state Long-Term Care Ombudsman? This position is a full-time, director-level professional with the main responsibility of working as an advocate for residents of nursing homes, assisted living, and other long-term care programs. 

What Does an Ombudsman Do?

An Ombudsman is a confidential support advocate who is trained in mediating conversations or disagreements to help solve problems. They are experts who know how to navigate conflict and strive for continued improvement in long-term care. Some of their essential duties include:

  • Educating families and patients about their rights, services that are available to them, and what constitutes appropriate conditions
  • Advocating for improvements and increased quality of patient care
  • Providing the public with information on long-term care providers
  • Assisting in seeking legal or administrative assistance for residents
  • Helping to develop community support in the way of local citizens, family, and resident organizations
  • Reporting data to the National Ombudsman Reporting System

AARP has an incredible link on their website that will lead to each state’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs at

Our team at Plainfield Health Care Center can help you connect with a Long-Term Care Ombudsman and answer any questions that you have about the programs too. Please contact us at (317) 839-6577 for assistance.