What Kind of Art is Therapy for Seniors?

Art therapy activities have been proven to benefit the mental health of older adults. It can be very beneficial for senior living residents with dementia to participate in artistic activities held by their community. Taking part in group art sessions can improve cognitive functioning, communication abilities, self-esteem, pleasure, enjoyment of life, memory, and creativity.

Below are three art therapy ideas for seniors.


Seniors love craft time! Find creative ways to get crafty with your senior. Some easy activities include decorating ceramics, making a flower arrangement, or constructing a birdhouse. The options are endless and these activities are especially beneficial for those with dementia. They are known to improve creative thinking, reduce stress, and improve motor skills.


Coloring is an easy, lowkey, and relaxing artform. This activity can help with improving eye and hand coordination, dexterity, grip control, and concentration.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making can be fun and give seniors some stylish accessories. They will love creating their own art that they can wear. It is great to stimulate the brain with different colors, shapes, and textures.

Art Activities at Senior Living Communities

At Plainfield Health Care Center, we incorporate the arts into our activity schedule. Residents love to get creative and social while they create their art. To learn more about our activities, give us a call today at (317) 839-6577.